Involves some important decisions so it really pays to talk to the right people from the outset.

As one of Auckland’s leading estate agent teams, we understand how a vendor can maximise

the value of their property and how careful preparation can make the whole process run more smoothly.


We offer a free and no obligation market appraisal and would be delighted to arrange an appointment to inspect your home or investment property.

At the time of inspection, we will present our comprehensive marketing package and advise you on a current value for the property.

We hold a wealth of knowledge about the market, and will be able to show you recent sale prices for comparable properties in your area.

We will also provide you with area specific research, compiled with the help of Harcourts Cooper and Co.


Marketing to generate demand.

We recognise that properties often require different marketing strategies, so we use cutting edge marketing techniques, alongside more traditional methods, to help your property achieve its potential.

•  Photography and Floor Plans
•  Extraordinary Customer Services
•  Social media Strategy | Website Listings and Posts | Digital Marketing
•  For Sale Boards | Office and Window Displays
•  Email Marketing to our Databases | Online re-targeting
•  Videos
•  Property Press | Print Marketing | Creative Marketing Copy and Design
•  Post Box Brochure Delivery
•  Mail Drop Brochure invitation to your Auction
•  Just Listed Brochure mail Drop
•  Harcourts Cooper and Co distribution of networks
•  Superb Auctions
•  Stunning Imagery


We would like to share some simple presentation tips with you, which may help to present your property to its best advantage. It is often the little things that can make the biggest impact, for example, first impressions really do count it’s estimated over 50% of properties are sold prior to the prospective buyer stepping through the front door! These are just a few practical ways in which you can make an instant, positive impression, which will go a long way towards making a successful sale.

Outside Appeal
• Remove bikes, tools, and any clutter.
• Keep lawns mowed, paths edged, hedges trimmed and gardens weeded.
• A few well-positioned flowering potted plants can create a welcoming appearance.
• Having the exterior washed and windows cleaned can make an enormous difference.
• Paint or wash fences, gates, screens, steps and the front door.
• Ensure your pets are secured so that they won’t pose a threat or annoy visitors.
• Outside lighting is a must for evening inspections.

Positive first impressions
• Your front door and entrance way can be powerful first impression areas.
• A newly decorated front door with attractive topiary shrubs either side can be effective.
• Properties yet to be renovated can visually show buyers the potential of the property by decorating the walls, ceiling and floor of the front entrance.
• Position an attractive plant or piece of art to add that final touch.

Appeal to the senses
• A general spring clean will freshen the look and the air.
• Bathrooms should be gleaming. Repair any broken tiles and reseal around the bath and basin if necessary.
• Interesting knick-knacks, books or artwork in feature areas around your property can encourage visitors to linger.

It’s the little things that count
Attend to any small maintenance jobs such as sticking doors or windows, dripping taps, squeaking hinges, loose door handles, blown light bulbs or faulty switches.

Create a feeling of spaciousness
• Ensure your kitchen is spotless, the working areas are uncluttered with tidy cupboards and pantry.
• Make sure wardrobes are tidy – they’ll look larger.
• Mirrors in smaller rooms can convey the feeling of more space.
• To enlarge room size appearance, perhaps store some furniture and ornaments.

Mark and Anna


The most successful vendors ensure their property is looking its best throughout the viewing process, finishing touches such as fresh flowers and good lighting can make a real difference.

It is important that restrictions on viewings are avoided wherever possible. A potential buyer may have many properties to look at and if they cannot access yours at a time that suits them, you may miss out on that sale.
We will always provide you with details and feedback from each viewing.

Viewing Check List:
• Turn on sufficient lights when inspections are being held to compensate for any dark areas.
• Use odour neutralisers to dispel with cigarette or animal smells.
• The delicious aroma of brewing coffee or freshly baked bread will convey the impression that you enjoy your property.
• In the bathroom a dish of scented potpourri or soaps add a nice touch.
• Place freshly cut flowers throughout your property.
• Turn the radio or TV off, maybe in favour of a restful CD.
• Make sure the temperature inside is comfortable – even light the fire in winter.

Allow your buyers the time and relaxed atmosphere to become emotionally involved in your property by leaving the premises during inspections. We will maintain security at all times.


Buyer Activity
Buyer enquiry and inspections will be at their highest when your property first enters the market. Current prospective buyers will always be quick to view a new listing. However, once this rush of activity has passed, there is no need to feel concerned or anxious as the level of enquiry decreases. Most buyers look at, on average, 14 properties before they buy. Rest assured we will be staying in regular contact with all potential buyers for your property.

Early Offers
When a buyer has viewed several properties they often act quite quickly once they find a home that appeals to them the most. This can often lead to a keen buyer presenting an offer early to avoid ‘missing out ’. We would recommend you consider any early offers seriously.

Open Homes
Buyers purchase with emotion rather than with logic. To enable us to encourage a potential buyer to take emotional ownership of your property, we recommend you are not present in the property during open homes. Rest assured we will maintain the security of your property and possessions at all times. Group viewing at open home times will allow you to prepare the property to be seen at its best.

Weekly Meetings
Communication between us is essential throughout the selling process. We will try to keep our phone calls and meetings as brief as possible. As our role is to be the messenger from the market, We will report all feedback to you. In this way, when you get an offer on your property, you will be able to make an informed decision.

Contract of Sale
We will follow any contract of sale through to settlement date, staying in communication with both the buyer and ourselves. Be aware that we will continue to market your property if the contract has conditions waiting to be met, for example ‘subject to finance approval’. Marketing for a buyer will only stop when the property is legally sold.

Much of our business comes from local property owners who become aware of our success, once we have achieved a successful sale, we would greatly appreciate the opportunity to display the word ‘Sold’ on our signage.